2020 Heart of the School Award Honoree

Ashley Moore

Empowerment Academy

At Empowerment Academy, students learn while laughing, having fun and trying new things. Principal Moore’s out-of-the-box thinking creates new ways to make learning enjoyable for both students and staff. Her emphasis on arts integration and hands-on creativity in the classroom means that students dance, rhyme and make art to better understand math equations and to build literacy skills. Principal Moore has been known to don a costume and pop into classroom after classroom, bringing joy and laughter to each room. The logic is clear: students learn more effectively when having fun. Thanks to Principal Moore’s leadership, there is a delight in learning at Empowerment Academy.


“I can honestly say that I come to work every day knowing that I am appreciated for all that I do.” – Dawn Umbel, teacher/school staff


“Mrs. Moore prepares our students and staff for the next level of academic achievements and embodies what true leadership should look like.” Stephen Taylor, teacher/school staff

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The Heart of the Schools is a year-round program that celebrates and supports Baltimore City Public School principals for their exemplary innovation, execution, and leadership, building strong school cultures. Coordinated by the Fund for Educational Excellence, the program is a collaborative of dozens of businesses, foundations, individuals and nonprofits.