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2016 Heart of the School Awards Winner

Rochelle Machado

Three years at Arundel Elementary/Middle School in Cherry Hill


Rochelle Machado shows love for her students, teachers, and parents every day. The door to her office is always open, although she spends more time in the hallways and classes interacting with her children and teachers. She believes in praise, as demonstrated by the Monday Message she regularly sends to teachers and the staff shout out board that Ms. Machado approved to be posted at the main entrance of the school where teachers leave messages of praise for each other. Arundel hosts monthly “Chat and Chews” for parents to come together and talk about issues that they feel are important. One of her teachers sums all of this up beautifully: “She is a real life superwoman in our school who genuinely and truly cares about the school, teachers, parents, and the community.”



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