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2020 Heart of the School Award Winner


Amber Kilcoyne

Medfield Heights Elementary School

Principal Kilcoyne is no stranger to transition. From leading in a temporary school building while a new school is being built to supporting a diverse student group with many multilingual students learning English, her calm, gracious demeanor is the glue that holds the school community together. Principal Kilcoyne keeps students, staff and families connected to the school and the learning process. Students at Medfield Heights show consistent academic gains, high attendance (despite the longer trip to school because of its temporary location during construction), and success in the ELL program helping non-native English speaking students quickly transition into English-taught classes. Next year, when schools reopen, students and staff will enter the new Medfield Heights Elementary School building ready to learn and build on the positive momentum that their principal led.



“Her pragmatic problem solving, rational and compassionate approach to student and system issues, and her unfailing attention have made MHES one of the best Elementary school choices in Baltimore. She knows the systems, knows the people, finds the teachers, and keeps everyone informed and striving.” Philip Stablein, parent


“Amber Kilcoyne is the reason students want to come to school. She is the fun loving and driven principal who comes to school everyday for the students.” - Andrea Stayton, teacher/school staff

Be sure to check out Principal Kilcoyne's feature in Baltimore Magazine:

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