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2016 Heart of the School Awards Winner

Najib Jammal

Six years at Lakeland Elementary/Middle School in Lakeland


Najib Jammal is an active leader who inspires his students, staff, and parents. According to a community partner, “Najib has worked tirelessly to create a school that values innovation, high expectations, quality learning, dedicated staff, and solid community partnerships.” In an effort to address the varied needs of his students, Mr. Jammal values and develops partnerships to provide opportunities for his students and to support and enrich the work of teachers. An example of this is a partnership with Northrup Grumman to support the school’s work with UMBC to build a STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Mathematics) learning lab. Mr. Jammal works hard every day to ensure that Lakeland is a safe, welcoming place where students, staff, and the community can work and learn together.


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