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Taste of ACCE Cultural Celebration - Academy for College and Career Exploration

Taste of ACCE Cultural Celebration - Academy for College and Career Exploration

The Heart of the School Fund awards grants on a year-round basis to principals for projects that enhance their students’ learning, their staff’s growth and their schools. Since 2016, the Heart of the Schools has provided grants to over 175 principal-identified projects!

In November 2022, ACCE applied for a Heart of the School Fund grant to support two larger scale ‘Taste of ACCE Cultural Celebration’ events that aim to increase cultural awareness and understanding for students, families and the community. The first of which, held in May, honored AAPI Heritage month.

Over 200 students, families, staff & community members attended the evening of cultural exploration. Following the opening ceremony, guests went classroom to classroom participating in various workshop sessions that varied from dance, cooking, creative writing, baking, language, music and art. Nearly all of the workshops were designed by students and were student and family led.. The evening culminated with a celebration of food, representing the AAPI student population at ACCE, with some food catered by local restaurants but the majority was prepared by ACCE staff members and families.

Check out WBAL’s coverage of the event:

Baltimore academy marks AAPI Heritage Month with multicultural celebration--click the image above for the full story

This is one of many examples of the outstanding projects principals are implementing through the Heart of the School Fund.

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