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Staff Sanctuary - Steuart Hill Academic Academy

Staff Sanctuary - Steuart Hill Academic Academy

Over the past two years, the Heart of the School Fund has supported schools’ COVID-friendly projects and site enhancements such as supporting the creation of a bike club, developing teacher wellness rooms, creating outdoor classrooms and supporting professional development to enrich classroom instruction and student learning.

A great example of this is the creation of the Steuart Hill Academic Academy (SHAA) Staff Sanctuary by Principal Brown. Since the start of pandemic, there’s been an uptick in teachers experiencing high levels of stress and burnout. In order to prioritize the wellbeing of teachers and staff, Principal Brown requested and received funding to create a space for staff to relax and recharge during lunch or planning periods. Focusing on promoting teacher wellness ultimately positively impacts student learning and academic achievement as well as the school’s overall climate and culture.

See what staff had to say when asked how the SHAA Staff Sanctuary has helped them:

“The investment in a staff lounge makes me feel valued. It is a space created just for the staff to recharge and renew, which is so much needed these days.”

“The staff lounge has allowed me to de-stress. I can go up there knowing I can sit in the massage chair and have thoughts to myself as my muscles relax. I stop by for a daily cup of coffee to start my day without running late if I were to do it at home.”

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