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'Buried Creature' Project - Hampden Elementary Middle School

'Buried Creature' Project - Hampden Elementary Middle School

The Heart of the School Fund awards grants on a year-round basis to principals for projects that enhance their students’ learning, their staff’s growth and their schools. Since 2016, the Heart of the Schools has provided grants to over 175 principal-identified projects!

In January 2023, Hampden Elementary Middle School applied for a Heart of the School Fund grant to build a community sculpture project on school grounds. Eighth grade students, led by a MICA graduate student, work during art class and after-school designing and building a playground ‘Buried Creature’ out of chicken wire and cement. Once completed, students will cover the creature in ceramic tiles and mosaics that they have designed. The finished sculpture will rest beside the school playground, the advantage of it appear partially buried is it looks bigger than the parts. The final sculptures will remain on the grounds of the school and become an interactive part of the environment that both students and the surrounding community can utilize.

Check out WBAL’s coverage of their progress:

Students at Hampden Elementary/Midde create large buried dragon sculpture--click on the picture above for the full story

This is one of many examples of the outstanding projects principals are implementing through the Heart of the School Fund.

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