2020 Heart of the School Award Honoree

Halsey 1.jpg

Tiffany Halsey

The Belair-Edison Middle School

Thanks to Principal Halsey’s commitment to “connection before content,” students at The Belair-Edison Middle School are engaged before the first bell rings. They begin with a fist bump from Principal Halsey who greets every student at the front door. The connection continues with a robust program of pre-class clubs and student activities, such as a walking club, sports, or creating art with classmates. Through this work, Principal Halsey brings structure to students’ days before school even begins, preparing them to focus, engage, and learn in an environment where they know they are loved and where their voices are heard. Students are given space to think deeply, find solutions on their own and try new things in an environment that supports their exploration. This fosters a positive culture of constant learning among staff and students.


“Principal Halsey is a strong leader, who continually works to ensure that her staff and students have what they need to be successful. The commitment, creativity and dedication of the staff flows from Ms. Halsey’s leadership, support, and high expectations.” Shantay McKinily, community partner


“Ms. Halsey leads not from the top, but from your side.  She is by your side at entry greeting students; she is by your side encouraging young people to be their best selves; she is by your side working with families; she is by your side doing the most important task: teaching.” Heather Stone, teacher/school staff