2019 Heart of the School Award Honoree

The magical, welcoming and celebratory environment found at Brehms Lane Public Charter School begins with Principal Diya Slayton’s passionate and energetic leadership. She emphasizes positive reinforcement to her staff and students, and uses unique motivational techniques to get results – including a Harry Potter-esque “house” system that helps build a sense of community in the school between students and staff.  Students earn house points by following the school's 10 expectations (demonstrating academic and behavioral successes). During her three years of leadership, Principal Slayton has transformed Brehms Lane into a school where students are excited to learn, families are engaging with educators, and classrooms are filled with fun and hands-on learning. 

Diya Hafiz-Slayton

Brehms Lane Public Charter School

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The Heart of the Schools is a year-round program that celebrates and supports Baltimore City Public School principals for their exemplary innovation, execution, and leadership, building strong school cultures. Coordinated by the Fund for Educational Excellence, the program is a collaborative of dozens of businesses, foundations, individuals and nonprofits.