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2020 Heart of the School Award Winner

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David Guzman

Mary E. Rodman Elementary/Middle School

To Principal Guzman, every student and staff member’s development deserves the focus and seriousness a principal might bring to their own lives. His leadership sets the tone, bringing the structure, commitment and positive intensity that results in students being motivated and determined. Principal Guzman prioritizes staff professional growth; teachers are able to self-identify growth areas on which to focus. Teachers are then grouped accordingly and have opportunity to observe other educators in action at other schools around the city.  This approach has transformed Mary E. Rodman Elementary from one of the lowest-performing schools in the state three years ago, to now outpacing district performance averages in virtually every academic category. 


“Principal Guzman has made a major turn around with Mary E. Rodman Elementary. He has provided a staff that is able to provide his scholars with skills and tools to strive for the best. He has given the scholars and their families opportunities to participate in events that allow relationships to form bonds.” Darlene Patterson, parent


“Principal Guzman sets clear goals, high expectations, but serves to support all of the staff in the building in achievement of those goals. He leads in a calm, inspiring and genuine way, with completely open communication to all staff members.” - Angel Bolling, teacher/school staff

Be sure to check out Principal Guzman's feature in Baltimore Magazine:

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