2016 Heart of the School Awards Finalist

Job Grotsky

Three years at Mount Royal Elementary/Middle School in Bolton Hill


Job Grotsky brings a relentless positivity to his school that has permeated throughout the community. As one parent wrote, “His enthusiasm for school and for our children is contagious! He believes in his students, and works tirelessly to create opportunities for their continued growth.” He wants students, parents, and the community to feel welcome in the school and has conducted extensive community outreach to invite them in. He’s also very visible in the community, whether it is greeting parents and students during drop off in the morning or working on the school grounds installing benches and flower boxes on the weekends. His teachers appreciate his supportive leadership style and want to remain part of the team; he has greatly decreased teacher turnover and increased stability. He is committed to his students, teachers, and community, and it shows in the passion he has for his work.