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2020 Heart of the School Award Winner

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Mark Gaither

Wolfe Street Academy

Over Principal Gaither’s 15 years leading Wolfe Street Academy, the school has developed into a true hub for the neighborhood. Every day, students arrive to a positive space with the resources and support they need to learn and to live, including medical check-ups, clothing and supplies, and mental health services. Academically, the school has moved from 77th to now near the top of all City Schools on state performance assessments, with consistent academic gains year after year. Since Wolfe Street serves one of the largest percentage of immigrant families of all Baltimore public schools, Principal Gaither hosts events to help all families understand their and their students’ rights, and provides resources so families can advocate for and empower their children. The impact of this work is noticed; Principal Gaither has been recognized nationally for leading what has been named one of the five best community schools in the country.


“Mr. Gaither is such a hardworking and caring person and is practically the center of a whole neighborhood. He is SUCH an asset to our community and society as a whole.” – Ben Brown, community partner


“Mr. Gaither has a great heart and takes care of every family that attends Wolfe Street Academy.” – Silvia Chicas, teacher/school staff

Be sure to check out Principal Gaither's feature in Baltimore Magazine:

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