2020 Heart of the School Award Honoree


Katrina Foster

Hampden Elementary/Middle School

The first thing Principal Foster did when arriving as principal of Hampden Elementary/Middle School three years ago was listen. She knows that effective leadership begins with hearing from students, staff and families - what needs they have, what community resources are available to support the school, how the school can improve. Principal Foster heard from her school community and acted, implementing a variety of improvements to enhance student growth and school culture. Parents asked for recess for all students - she made it happen. The Parent Teacher Organization wanted more after school activities - she expanded her school’s offerings. And she created new partnerships with local organizations such as the SPCA, which brings dogs to the school for students to read to. The result of this work is increased enrollment along with students, staff and families fully engaged in the learning process.



“Dr. Foster has created an environment where students are encouraged not only to learn and better themselves through education, but also to make their community the best it can be.” – Amber Guthrie, Community Partner


“In less than two years, Dr. Foster has created an encouraging and supportive atmosphere for teachers, staff, parents and most importantly students.” Timothy St. Clair, Parent