2020 Heart of the School Award Honoree


Monique Debi

Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle School

Principal Debi knows that true student growth happens in spaces filled with love, positive energy and a strong community - all of which she instills every day at Fort Worthington Elementary/Middle School. The impact of this approach on students, staff and school culture is palpable. In her three years as principal, enrollment at the school has nearly doubled and students are making strong academic gains. Teachers at Fort Worthington are positive role models for students, and Principal Debi puts special emphasis on hiring male teachers to support that effort. She emphasizes community involvement by regularly planning community nights and highlighting opportunities for families to support the learning process. Thanks to Principal Debi’s compassionate leadership, community engagement is high and students are succeeding in a nurturing, love-filled environment.


“Monique Debi turned a collaborative building into a community hub. She truly understands that it takes a village to raise our children.” - Justin Hunt, teacher/school staff


“Ms. Debi leads our school down the path of excellence by encouraging deep relationships between scholars and staff. She is never too busy to congratulate a scholar, lift a staff member or listen to the concerns of parents.” - William Richardson, teacher/school staff