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2019 Heart of the School Award Winner

Patricia Burrell

North Bend Elementary/Middle School

It seems Patricia Burrell was destined to become a principal. The daughter of a City Schools’ principal, when you enter her office you can’t help but notice the picture of a young Principal Burrell sitting comfortably at her mother’s desk. Her love for the work translates to her students, as North Bend Elementary Middle School feels like a fun excursion for students with all of their friends. Thanks to Principal Patricia Burrell’s emphasis on learning environment, students find curiosity and inspiration in brightly colored hallways filled with beautiful murals, cozy book nooks for reading and positive, talented educators. Frequent curriculum-aligned field trips bring learning to life and expand classroom engagement as a result. In addition, Principal Burrell is committed to developing teachers and school leaders, and the results are apparent. Students are performing while having fun with teachers who stay and grow in their roles.

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