2019 Heart of the School Award Honoree

Corey Basmajian

Francis Scott Key Elementary/Middle School

Principal Corey Basmajian’s unique ability to communicate with families, students and staff has resulted quickly in significant enrollment increases, academic growth and teacher recruitment and retention at Francis Scott Key Elementary Middle School. Students are challenged and teachers are given the opportunity to lead. Principal Basmajian created the district’s only advanced courses in kindergarten and first grade, with plans to expand those offerings to second and third grade next school year. In Principal Basmajian’s six years as a principal (four at Windsor Hills Elementary/Middle School and two at Francis Scott Key), he has never lost a teacher that he hoped to retain to another Baltimore City Public School.

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The Heart of the Schools is a year-round program that celebrates and supports Baltimore City Public School principals for their exemplary innovation, execution, and leadership, building strong school cultures. Coordinated by the Fund for Educational Excellence, the program is a collaborative of dozens of businesses, foundations, individuals and nonprofits.